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Marketing Translation

In a world full of digital and non-digital means of marketing, marketing translation has become one of the most important areas of translation services. Your business needs expedited access to various languages of the world to expand your customer base. Therefore, your advertising campaigns must be translated into the target languages to introduce your brand, grow your business, and the success of your investment. We realize the importance of having attractive marketing content that is compatible with various advertising platforms and takes into account the culture of each target audience, so we offer you with marketing translation services with the highest level of expertise in digital and non-digital marketing methods and how to choose the appropriate vocabulary for the target language that contributes to reaching your content to your target customers in the best way possible form.

Legal Translation

At NEOM Future Translation Services, we realize the importance of legal translation and its documents and how important it is to provide them accurately without any mistakes, ambiguities, or the possibility of double misunderstanding. Therefore, we intensify our efforts to provide our respected clients professional legal translators who know how to coordinate legal documents in a clear, orderly and free of issues facing traditional legal translation. With the increase of global openness, trade exchange, and investment development, and the accompanying legal procedures, legal translation becomes a necessity to facilitate procedures and transactions between individuals and institutions. We do believe that legal translation is not just a translation between two languages, but is basically a legal language that represents a legal system.

Legal translation includes:

  • Translation of Memorandum of Association and agreements in all its forms.
  • Translation of general and special power of attorneys.
  • Translation of birth, marriage, and driving certificates.
  • Lawsuits and legal judgments reports.
  • Translation of publicity documents.
  • Translation of arbitration and dispute resolution documents.

NEOM Future Translation Services seeks to offer the best certified legal translation services to help facilitate your legal and financial business throughout the Arab world with the highest quality, best price, and the fastest time.

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Financial Translation

The financial and commercial translation is the translation concerned with translating financial documents, deals, and transactions between individuals or institutions, as well as translating documents related to the stock market, stock exchange, economic reports, budgets, feasibility studies, correspondence, income statements, and annual reports. We offer you a package of commercial translation services and the associated legal translation of contracts and agreements to accomplish your business deals with the highest accuracy and best quality. Translating your business allows you to get out of the doors of local trade to the paths of global trade and helps you to truly benefit from the growth of the global economy and seize opportunities for hot investments.

NEOM Future Translation Services puts at your fingertips a group of professional translators in financial and commercial translation to help you conclude your business deals in more than 80 languages around the world.

Medical Translation

Medical translation costs a life, so when it comes to health, there is no alternative to choosing the best translation companies. NEOM Future Translation Services offers you the best medical translation with the highest degree of accuracy and speed to improve healthcare and clinical outcomes. This type of translation includes: written translation concerned with translating medical documents, pamphlets, and reports of all kinds and forms, and simultaneous translation, which includes the translation of seminars, conferences, and medical sessions.

Medical translation does not depend on just a translator who has sufficient mastery of the source and target languages, rather, it requires an expert translator who has enough medical academic study to translate medical documents with the highest level of accuracy and professionalism and is fully familiar with medical terminology and the consequences of using them with regard to the procedures that work on improving patient healthcare. At NEOM Future Translation Services, we rely on a group of professional medical translators and our contributions to the field of healthcare are evident by helping many research centers and pharmaceutical companies to translate their medical publications.

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Technical Translation

In this rapidly evolving digital world, the need for technical translation is increasing to keep pace with modern technology. It is concerned with the translation of all technical and technological texts, the translation of which requires a good knowledge of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. NEOM Future Translation Services helps you in translating your technical guide for electrical appliances, patents, master’s and doctoral theses, scientific researches, engineering specifications, technical proposals for tenders, and everything related to communication technology, etc. We carefully select professional technical translators who have the experience and skill to produce technical translations of the highest quality and professionalism.

Academic Translation

The field of academic translation includes most translation specializations, since it does not refer to a specific field, but rather includes all the research and developments that science reaches. NEOM Future Translation Services provides researchers and academic entrepreneurs with the service of translating researches, master’s and doctoral theses from the source language into the target language, taking into account the scientific bases for building research documents to help researchers direct their scientific research on the right track.

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Literary Translation

Literary Translation is the specialization concerned with the transfer of literary texts such as poetry, prose, stories, novels, and plays from one language to another. This type of translation reflects the experience of the professional translator in delivering the meaning to the target language in a clear literary style and poetic rhythm that depends on his literary sense and talent, and not just transferring vocabulary from one language to another. NEOM Future Translation Services adopts your literary works to reach all corners of the earth in more than 80 languages around the world. We also respect cultural and intellectual differences when transferring a literary work from one language to another while preserving the literary value of the text.

Website Translation

Your website is your investment interface to the outside world. Do not hesitate to present your business appropriately for your brand. Translating your website will make you more profitable by expanding your customer base to take your brand to new horizons. NEOM Future Translation Services helps you translate your website to target a new audience for your brand at global levels. We offer you a package of translation services that help you grow your business and spread your brand in the best way and at the highest value.

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Tourist Translation

The tourist sector is always linked to the economy, and for the advancement of the tourist sector to develop the economy, the language obstacle to attract tourists from all over the world must be removed. NEOM Future Translation Services offers its services to tourism and aviation agencies, hotels, and all institutions related to the tourist sector.

Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous Translation is the interpretation and means the translation of a conversation between two or more speakers using different languages. The real role of the interpreter lies in achieving effective communication between these two people by translating from the source language into the target language in a clear, accurate, and fast manner. Simultaneous translation is used in conferences, seminars, sessions, lectures, negotiations, and meetings.

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Other Services

In combination with translation services, NEOM Future Translation Services Company is pleased to offer its complementary services to support your investment and reach your business to new horizons.

Content Creation

In the era of the information revolution, the word is the centerpiece around which all business revolves, and the content is what reflects the strength of your brand. NEOM Future Translation Services offers you a multilingual and SEO-friendly creative content creation service that enables you to attract clients and increase the number of visitors to your website. Our creative content creators use the proper keywords to put your website ahead of search results. We also offer you 100% unique and mistake-free content that differentiates your website from that of competitors and highlights the value of your product or the quality of your services. Creative content creation services include: article writing, website content writing, social media post writing, video script writing, and marketing ads content writing.

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Proofreading and Editing

There are millions of translated documents every day worldwide. After the specialized translation stage, the documents must go through a proofreading stage to get a translation free of spelling and grammatical mistakes. We at NEOM Future Translation Services already do this service within our translation services, but we can also offer you this separate service to proofread and edit your documents from language mistakes by a group of proofreaders for more than 100 languages around the world.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Desktop publishing is a term that was developed after the development of many computer software that enables mixing texts, images, and video to design pages and prepare them for printing or publishing via the Internet. Desktop publishing is used to provide graphic presentations of marketing or cognitive ideas. Desktop publishing includes printing documents for marketing and commercial materials for either electronic or paper distribution, as well as designing presentation slides, newsletters, and e-books in PDF format. NEOM Future Translation Services offers you a multilingual desktop publishing service through professional experts in document design and proofreading, to get files ready for print or electronic publishing.

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Video Subtitling

In light of the increasing need for visual content, the need to provide it with translation into many languages has increased to reach the largest number of viewers. If you need to produce videos about your products or for the purpose of posting on social media in order to reach the largest number of views, it is best for you to translate these videos to reach far horizons. NEOM Future Translation Services offers the best specialized translation service for videos through professional translators to present your content ideas appropriately to suit the target audience.

Converting Audio Files

The prevailing reliance on technology, companies are obligated to provide many forms of content, where some people like visual content and videos and others prefer readable content. Companies are now competing to provide content in all its forms to highlight the features of the product to expand the customer base. Also, many companies need to record meetings, seminars, and lectures and then convert them into textual content to aid in market researches. NEOM Future Translation Services offers you with the service of converting audio files and videos into readable text content such as: converting research sessions, conferences, events, seminars, televised interviews and legal statements.

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